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Look Great, Feel Fabulous Group Program


Create sustainable, lasting change
in all areas of your life.

Feel better about yourself.
Feel better about your body.

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Change your mind... Change your life!

Learn how to intercept self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors and literally grow the part of your brain that leads to happiness, joy, creativity, positive action, and lasting success.

Neuroscience studies show that in 6-8 weeks you can change your brain and

change your life to create the life you want to live.


This 7-week group coaching program

starts EVERY 2 months

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It's not about weight loss.

It's not even about exercise.

Are you sick and tired of the dieting roller coaster?
Do you want to figure out how to really fall in love with your body and your life?

It's not about anything that aims to change how we look.

It all starts with what YOU think,
and what
YOU believe is possible.

This training is the perfect opportunity to
make a
profound impact in your life.

Practice the techniques with the PQ App.


Immediately decrease self-sabotage and increase the wise, loving sage aspect of your authentic self.

In our small group meetings, we will bring it all together to create a healthier relationship with eating, food, fitness, and our bodies.

This program is limited to 5 women.

as early as now!

This training includes:

7 x 60 minute group coaching sessions with me.

6 weeks of the Positive Intelligence Training Program

PQ App to use on your phone (super easy and fun)

15 minutes a day PQ meditations

1 hour a week PQ training video

Access to your PQ Pod for support and growing together

Your Coach

“Sarah is an excellent listener and that in itself really is a gift. She did not have an agenda for me however it was clear she wanted to help me learn how I could more effectively help myself - and that is powerful.”   ~Constance

“If you want someone who is fully engaged and loving during your coaching journey, Sarah is the right fit.  She will help you get where you want to go!” 

“With Sarah’s help, I view my relationship with food and body in a whole new way. I’ve learned that not everything is right or wrong in terms of my body. With Sarah’s coaching, I’ve learned to be kinder, more empathetic and understanding in regards to myself.” 

"It is so helpful to have Sarah help you look in the mirror and to find new ways to look at old habits that you may feel like you have no or little control of. I feel more in control overall-- it's not  unhealthy to eat a cookie, but it's unhealthy to feel ashamed or count points and obsess over it. It's about listening to what's good for me, now, and how to gauge that for myself."

~Sarah L.

Please contact me here
 by email. 

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