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What people are saying about Sarah...

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"I very much enjoyed this group with Sarah. It was humbling to be in a group of women who felt safe to share such tender topics around body and eating. I felt supported. We were encouraged to stay connected to ourselves. The group was honest, compassionate, and transparent.


I was touched deeply, seeing the power of the group sharing to heal. It was healing to understand our damaging collective narratives around our body and how they are affecting our well-being and our perceptions of ourselves."

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Nava, mother and grandmother

"Sarah helped me more in our first session together than over a year of working with nutritionists and other professionals. She was able to see the real issue I was having and how that was playing out in my relationship with food, my body and own sense of power. I felt an instant relief and sense of wellness that I had not felt in a long time. Sarah empowered me to discover the real nourishment I needed."

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Megan, Sound Healer

"I now have a sense of hope.  This way of approaching food and eating resonates much more with me than other weight-loss schemes and diets and is actually attainable.


You, Sarah, are a splendid coach, a fine listener, very supportive while also being challenging in asking provocative questions that make me think about my eating patterns in new ways.


I really appreciate the quality of attention and caring you offered during our sessions. I felt your love and encouragement throughout, and your willingness to listen patiently and non-judgmentally.


I feel a loosening of the self-critique around food and eating patterns that I’ve carried my whole life.  I am able to observe myself with less judgment. I’ve come to understand that weight loss is not only about calories and exercise, but perhaps more importantly, about relaxation,  stress, and emotion."

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Leslie, Professor

"Sarah is the real deal. I was lucky enough to work with Sarah for many months and found her coaching invaluable.

What I love most about how Sarah coaches is her ability to really listen, ask questions that invite you to lean in further, and she does it all with warmth and a real feeling of presence. Sarah helped me to understand myself better, which in turn helped me move forward in my life.


She was a huge support as I created my business, navigated through single motherhood, and overall helped me feel a sense of empowerment and confidence.

Not only would I recommend Sarah to others, I HAVE!"

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Sam, Coach

"Sarah is a compassionate and empathetic listener. I always feel fully seen and heard in her presence.


She helps me organize my thoughts, make tangible plans, and piece them into workable chunks - teasing out what is really important and what I can let go of. I always feel more balanced and excited after our sessions. Her passion and support is contagious, and leaves me feeling empowered to do whatever it is I set my mind to."

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Meg, Yoga Teacher

"Sarah asked very good questions, nothing she asked during conversations veered from what was important. In a way, her words were like a mirror that reflected me; by looking into the mirror I was able to make decisions about what I 'saw'. Do I want to be that person? Am I not quite fully living up to the perception of myself and holding myself accountable to my desires for a more fully lived life? An authentic life. Together we peeled back layers of conditioned or habitual patterns in order for me to see the root of an issue, large or small. She is an excellent listener and that in itself really is a gift. She did not have an agenda for me however it was clear she wanted to help me learn how I could more effectively help myself - and that is powerful.


I have more awareness regarding being able to discern what is real to me and what is not. I know how to speak my voice without editing myself or feeling as though what is true for me is enough...that I need not try to please someone else when it comes to speaking.


I am taking action in more direct and tangible ways now. Now the things I want to be doing are actually taking place."

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Constance, Artist and Yoga Teacher

“I really appreciated last night's meeting.  I’m very skeptical of “programs” and rarely give anything like this a chance.  This is a new experience for me. This group makes it feel more safe, because I see you all as bright women who are working to improve your relationship to yourselves. This is all I want as well. 

"This work was very helpful, primarily because of Sarah’s nature and compassion. I always left our meetings feeling more confident and less broken.


I so appreciate her way of reframing what I say and feel into a concept that makes sense and is never punitive. Especially about keeping myself “small” when my nature is not small at all.


I love you! Thanks, Sarah for all your insights, kindness and flexibility."


Lisa, Antiques Appraiser

“ I view my relationship with food and body in a whole new way.

I’ve learned that not everything is right or wrong in terms of my body.

With Sarah’s help, I’ve learned to be kinder, more empathetic and understanding in regards to myself.” ~


Carly, Marketing Professional

"I was quite honestly blown away by this program and Sarah’s facilitating. I wasn’t expecting to benefit as much as I have. It has been an extremely supportive container to work through and practice new techniques for engaging a more “sage” and less reactive way of living."

Krissa, Dentist

“Thanks again for the quiet, thoughtful, and delicious workshop on Saturday. I feel like it added fuel to my creative flow in still evolving ways, and I’m grateful.”

Jesse, Savor This! Participant

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