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Weekly Assignments

Look Great, Feel Fabulous Program

1. Finish getting set up the App

  • Explore App features

  • Connect with your POD Members daily via the Community "My POD"

2. If you haven't already, take the Saboteur Assessment and send me the results.

3. Over the weekend, watch the course video

4. Everyday, do the app challenges


That's it!

See you next Monday at the POD Meeting.


Write about your vision from this week's visualization exercise.

Write the present tense - as if it's happening now.

When YOU are performing at a higher level, less stressed and more energized...

1. How is your life changed for the better?

2. What do you really go after in your life?

3. What is the first step/ place to focus to make that a reality?

4. How strong is your commitment to that first step? (0-10?)

Journalling Suggestion

Kick off Week

Week 1: Boost Your Self-Command Muscle
To be posted soon...

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